Citizen Scientist Apps

Biodiversity Data Capture App

Help the National Biodiversity Centre record and monitor vital information on Ireland's wildlife.

River Obstacles App

A free to use mobile app for iphone and android devices. This app enables people to send in photos and details of obstacles that they see when they’re out and about: either on or in the UK and Ireland's rivers.

BeeBia App

BeeBia is a collaboration between Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and Dublin Bay Biosphere. BeeBia seeks to create a flower map of Ireland, to help conservation of pollinators, namely, bees, hoverflies and butterflies. The flower map will help identify habitats that provide the best food for pollinators. To do this, the help of communities and individuals all across Ireland is needed.


See it? Say it! 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed an iPhone and Android app, which makes it easy for you to report a pollution incident the moment you see it. This app also complements the 24 hour nationwide environmental complaints phoneline which is 1850 365 121 (for example, for complaints about fly tipping, water pollution, odours and littering). Let the EPA know today of any problems you see!   

 Dodder Action in the news

The latest Dodder Action submission (October 2018) on the Emerging Route Proposals for the Dodder Greenway from Sir John Rogerson’s Quay to Orwell Park is available to read here.